Aug 042021
What Is A Kit House?

A kit house is a type of building that can be assembled on site. It is like a traditional half-timbered building, but all parts of the structure are pre-cut at the factory and in a package, usually a flat pack. Then, the package will be delivered directly to the building site.

In most cases, the kithouse can be customized according to the customer’s wishes (e.g. interchangeable seats, movable windows, etc.). Building with suites keeps construction costs affordable and offers flexibility without complicating the entire process.

Here are the benefits of kit homes Queensland:

  • They can reduce the amount of time spent in the field. The house set contains all the parts needed to build a house structure. All of the parts are pre-cut at the factory and the kit comes with detailed assembly instructions. Compared to traditional construction sites (measuring and cutting parts on site), kits reduce the time that would usually be dedicated to assembling structures on construction sites.
  • In traditional construction, the carpenter cuts the slats on the spot and cuts them as needed. As a result, the material is not optimized and a lot of wood is wasted, as a piece that is too short to be used for construction would need to be discarded. The homemade kit is cut at the factory with an automatic saw. The machine knows all the parts to be cut in advance and optimizes the work to minimize waste.
  • Construction workers on construction sites are not necessarily skilled carpenters, because the thinking takes place in the factory. The kit comes with the same detailed instructions as IKEA, so the construction is very easy to assemble.

However, in order to reap these benefits of a kit house, you will need to do a lot of careful planning and investing before ordering the kit. It is important to get a clear picture of what you want to build, as the vision is crucial in how successful your project will be.

A Kit Home Is NOT:

A prefabricated house!

The internet does not seem to care about the major differences between a kit house and a prefabricated house. Manufacturers use terms such as “prefabricated”, “modular”, and “precise” interchangeably, which is incorrect and can be misleading. A private house is a building that must be built entirely on site and is wrapped in pre-cut material.

You can now modularize a building, for instance changing the building’s geometric pattern and making a triangular shaped housing, but that does not make it a building. In the prefabricated industry, a “modular” house is a prefabricated box building. The boxes are entirely finished (even indoors) and must be installed on the floor and connected to each other. It goes without saying that this type of construction is faster, but much more expensive.

A kit home is definitely not like that. The idea behind building with a kit is to save money. The kit house will require a small investment of your time, in construction or planning, and will be rewarded with a more affordable construction process. This is why it is important that you understand and have a good idea as to how this process works. Once you have grasped the concept properly, you can start the decision making process. It is also a good tip to keep in mind that there are many alternatives to kit houses. However, in the end, it is your decision to make once you factor cost, investment and advantages to your business endeavours.

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