Mar 292021

Double glazed windows are insulated glass units which are combination of multiple glass panes included into a single window system. There are some insulated glass units which have a double glazed that means two panes of glass or three panes known as triple glazing. The window panes are separated by a spacer or a layer of air or gas. The glass is then fitted into the window frames which is made wide enough to easily accommodate the two panes.

Double glazing Melbourne: the benefits

There are several benefits associated with double glazed windows. These are an ideal energy efficient home improvement. Plus it can also minimize the noise which enters only if your home. In other words it insulates your home and protects it from the weather yet at the same time offers you the privacy that you require.

The temperature of your home is related directly to your comfort. That is why it is important to go for a double glazed window because it does not allow the unwanted outside temperature to transfer into your home. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about your home getting too cold or too warm during summer or winter.

The double glazing also helps reduce the condensation which can lead to the formation of mold. Keep the temperature within your home regulated. As a result you can save up on the energy bills. Despite the fact that double glazed windows are initially and expensive investment these can offer you better returns because of the sustainability and energy saving benefits.

Sealed double glazed windows are effective at reducing high frequency noise. You can prevent the unwanted noise from the outside of your home into entering your home. If the glass in the windows is thicker it can further improve the sound reduction. These windows are considered a safe for option when compared to the single pane windows. This is because the two sheets of Glass are harder to break and can offer better security to your home.

What to look for when buying double glazed windows

When you are buying double glazed windows you should consider the amount of space between the window panes. The usual space can be anywhere between 6 to 12 millimeters. It is best to go for a 12mm space because it offers the optimal thermal performance. If you are looking for soundproofing efficiency then you must go for something which is 150 mm or over that.

The space between the panes of a double glazed windows acts as an insulator and limits the amount of cold air coming into your home. If you want to improve the thermal and acoustic performance you should consider window panes which have a gas filled inside the space. Argon is the common choice because of its low conductivity properties and thus helps in improving the insulation.

The double glazed units also have a spacer which comprises of a metal strip which helps separate the two panes of glass. The spaces are filled with the desiccant which is a drying agent and helps get rid of the moisture trapped within the air space.

Remember all of the tips when deciding on double glazed windows installations.

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