Aug 032020
Creating the perfect edges for your beds and borders

If you want to ensure that your garden looks neat and clean you would have to care about well defined lines. Having a clean and smooth line gives your garden an aesthetic finish and enhances the sense of clarity in an area. Most people prefer to have razor sharp edges in their gardens to create a minimalistic and maintenance free look. However it should be kept in mind that creating such details requires a lot of careful planning. The following are some simple tips for creating the perfect edges for your garden.

The right way to go about garden bed edging

  • One of the initial steps in creating edges is to use a garden hose and mark the desired areas. The easiest way to do so is by using a garden spade or a moon shaped spade as to move along the line that you have created. While none of these tools would help cut curves it would however help you create  clear and well defined lines.
  • If you are thinking about using curved edges you may want to invest in a tool which has got circular blades. The blades would roll along easily and would cut deep into the soil to create nice looking curves.
  • Once you have designed the edges you would need to refine it by the help of a spade. You would need to take at least four to six inches down the turf. If you are creating edges from scratch you would also need to get rid of the turf so that there is no hindrance when it comes to creating clear boundaries. Make sure you create edges with a 90 degree angle for a well defined look.
  • If you are looking for razor sharp edges you would need to make use of hand shears moving vertically along the wall and getting rid of any of the grass blades on the edges.
  • Next step is to mulch the bed. You would need to put down at least two or three inches of mulch. This would help prevent the growth of weeds and also add a rich dark color to the edge. You may create a gentle slope from the mulch to prevent weeds from growing at all.

Once the boundaries are clearly defined and you are done with the edging you would need to consider the materials which you would place to give an aesthetic appeal to your garden. There are several garden edging ideas which you could make use of. There are also different kinds of materials which can be used as edging for garden beds. You can go for a completely natural and eco-friendly look by using wooden edges or simply putting some different colored and sizes stones around the boundaries that you have created for a Zen kind of look. Just make sure that you use the right tools to create your garden edges. However for a professional touch make sure you only hire garden bed edging experts.

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