May 192020

Types of caravan awnings to suit your needs

Types of caravan awnings to suit your needs

Life on the road can become fun, comfortable, and convenient with the help of caravan awnings. Choosing from the great variety of caravan awnings for sale will help save the day when you’re on a road trip alone, as a couple or with the whole family.

The hot summer days can be brutal during a life on the road. Caravan awnings can be a literal lifesaver during times when Mother Nature is at its worst. The awnings can instantly add to your caravan an extra space for storage, sleeping, and living.

It can be a tricky experience when you’re on the market for a caravan awning. Their difference in price range, accessories, styles, sizes, and shapes can be overwhelming. However, getting the right caravan awning for your needs becomes easier when you know their differences.

Space and price are often the determinants when it comes to the choice of caravan awnings. The three different types of caravan awnings fall into these categories, to include:

Inflatable awnings and annexes

If you want an awning that can be quickly and easily assembled by one person, then inflatable awnings and annexes provide the perfect answer. Erecting an inflatable awning requires only filling them with air. The usual metal poles featured in the two other types of awnings are replaced by air columns instead. This makes this type of caravan awning a lighter one. The lighter weight also makes them less susceptible to damage from all kinds of weather conditions. However, they can be more expensive and still requires pegging just like any other type of awnings.

Rollout awnings

A pole is included in a rollout awning kit. The pole is used to pull the awning from their housing. In the case of lower vans, using the hand to manually pull the awning is the best to do.

Travel locks and ratchet are the equipment that holds the awning when it is not used. This means that removing them should be the first order of the day when you want to unroll the awning.

The support poles come next after the awning has been pulled out. The waterproof walls or mesh sides can only be installed once the awning has been pegged and roped to the ground.

While you can do all this alone, having another person to assist makes the setup faster and more convenient.

Wind out awnings

Travelling alone becomes more convenient and comfortable with help from wind out awnings. Turning the winch handle winds the awning back in or out. The awning’s legs fold or slide out and find their place in the ground.

Pegging and roping the legs make them strong and sturdy against the wind. A fixed 12-volt motor kit comes with other models of wind out awnings to make it easy for a traveller to erect an annexe to the caravan.

Yet, even without the 12-volt motor kit, the wind out awning provides a faster and easier way of setting up extra space for one or two travellers.

Browsing online for different caravan awnings offers a better chance for you to get the right one suited for your needs. The wide variety of choices provided by online stores enables you to make a comparison among the available products.

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